Layco Rotary Drum Blender

Yargus’s 13- and 16-ton capacity Rotary Drum Blender has one of the highest capacities in the industry. The 38” stainless steel mixing auger comes standard in the 13- and 16-ton Rotary Drum Blenders to enhance the mixing action. 

The large diameter trunnion ring and the 23,000-pound-capacity trunnion wheels carry the load for smooth and effcient running and better weight distribution due to the modified location of the ring. The discharge features one of the fastest discharge rates in the industry—a fast 6 tons per minute. 
Engineered for durability and low maintenance, the rotary drum’s solid construction will assure you years of dependable service. All outside seams are double welded for strength and durability. From the steel reinforcement plate, to the direct drive gearbox, the Layco Rotary Drum Blend System is the fastest option for batch blending today.

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