There is a scientific definition and a more practical version of what LCO Promoter Technology is all about. I’m going to use statements and brochure information for the simple, practical explanation. There also is the extremely scientific explanation that has also been included with this agronomy news about LCO Promoter Technology.

It is fairly simple, when you consider the features and benefits to using an LCO, which stands for the active ingredient: Lipo-chitooligosaccharide. This is a natural biological molecule.

One simple descriptor is that it activates or turns on “a cascade of plant genes for enhanced development, growth and yield.”

An ease of use benefit is that it can be included as a seed treatment working with an applied inoculant to work with both rhizobia already found in the soil and the inoculants rhizoba.

LCO is proven to promote early-season plant vigor, which translates into healthier, faster developing plants. The examples in the past have been crops such as alfalfa and soybeans reaching their genetic potential, but the proof of success for LCO use with a large number of crops has increased greatly in the last couple years.

Getting plants off to a fast start also means facilitating improved stands of crops emerging from the soil. As the plant is growing, the LCO Promoter Technology enhances root system development and has potential for improved nutrient and water uptake.

The ultimate improvement that can be promoted to growers by ag retailers and seed representatives is better results from a farmer’s seed investment by using LCO Promoter Technology.