Novozymes BioAg expanded its portfolio of innovative biological fertility products for the 2013 growing season with the introduction of new JumpStart LCO in the winter of 2013 for use in growing corn and other grain crops. LCO Promoter Technology has previously been associated with legume crops including soybeans and peanuts.  

JumpStart LCO is a seed-applied biofertility product that broke the mold for use with corn and other grain crops. JumpStart LCO is a combination of two proven crop-enhancing technologies: penicillium bilaii and LCO (lipo-chitooligosaccharide) Promoter Technology.

Penicillium bilaii is a naturally occurring soil fungus that provides crops with better access to soil and fertilizer phosphate. P. bilaii colonizes (grows along) plant roots, and as the fungus grows and multiplies, it produces organic acids that break the bonds that trap phosphate in mineral form in the soil, enhancing the availability of this important plant nutrient to the crop.

LCO Promoter Technology is a naturally occurring plant signal molecule. When present at the time of planting, LCO Promoter Technology enhances the plant's nutritional capabilities, which drives natural growth processes such as root and shoot development, immediately and independently of variety, soil and environmental conditions. The result of this early-season activity is better plant health and performance as demonstrated in 2013.

"Optimum plant fertility and the quick establishment of a robust root system are both key to strong plant health and performance, and higher yields," said Chuck Broughton, director of marketing and sales, North America, for Novozymes. "JumpStart LCO combines the science of penicillium bilaii and LCO Promoter Technology to enhance phosphate fertility, root growth and development for greater vigor and higher yield potential."