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Spread of giant ragweed across the North Central Region

02/24/2014 7:00:00 AM

Weed scientists at Ohio State University completed a survey of Certified Crop Advisors across the... Read more.

Want to achieve successful weed control? Think about the seeds!

02/18/2014 10:40:00 AM

Think about the weed seedbank, which is the reservoir of viable weed seeds held within the soil... Read more.

New method to measure soybean rhizobia

02/17/2014 7:00:00 AM

Soil-borne rhizobia bacteria form a mutually beneficial relationship with legumes, during which the rhizobia convert... Read more.

Identifying and responding to soybean inoculation failures

02/17/2014 7:00:00 AM

Soybeans obtain up to 70 percent of their total nitrogen requirement from biological nitrogen fixation... Read more.

Nitrogen application to soybean

02/17/2014 7:00:00 AM

After talking with many farmers throughout Ohio during this year’s Extension meetings, one common question... Read more.

In-furrow insecticides in corn and soybean?

02/11/2014 1:32:22 PM

There have been enough questions and marketing about the use of in-furrow insecticides, and specifically... Read more.

Placing fertilizer in-furrow with the seed

02/11/2014 1:16:47 PM

Placing fertilizer in the seed furrow during the planting operation is a common practice in small... Read more.

Dicamba-resistant kochia confirmed in Nebraska

02/10/2014 7:00:00 AM

Kochia is a troublesome weed in crop production in the semiarid region of the Great Plains, made more... Read more.

Pesky Palmer pigweed proliferates

02/03/2014 3:30:00 PM

There's a new No. 1 bad weed to watch in Missouri, says Kevin Bradley, University of Missouri Extension... Read more.

Pre-emergence herbicides hard to resist for weeds

01/27/2014 2:27:42 PM

With resistance to glyphosate increasing in weed species, the importance of using pre-emergence products as... Read more.

Herbicide resistance and weed management resources

01/24/2014 2:08:00 PM

Ohio State University Extension is currently in the second year of a three-year partnership of ag... Read more.

Controlling marestail in no-till soybeans

01/24/2014 1:55:00 PM

Marestail (aka horseweed) has two primary periods of emergence - from late summer into fall, and from... Read more.

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