By Richard Keller, editor

You didn't ask for it, but we're going to give it to you anyway. The AgProfessional Web Poll will change weekly going forward. We hope you'll be more apt to answer the Web poll, which only takes 30 seconds or less to answer.

The poll has been changed every other week for the past five years, but we've decided there are enough topics of interest to our readers that we'll ask a new poll question in conjunction with each Dealer Update newsletter that we distribute.

Anyone visiting can answer the question without linking to the poll via Dealer Update; therefore, your business associates that don't receive Dealer Update are welcome to answer the poll question, too. You'll gain feedback about whether you are in the minority or majority with your viewpoint.

With this change in frequency, I'm also suggesting that anyone who has a Web Poll question, submit it to me. It can be a simple question, and I'll put together the possible response choices, or you can submit the question and choices. I doubt I have to censor any of the questions, but of course, I have to reserve that right. Your name will not be associated with the question. Send questions to me at

As for results of the last AgProfessional Web Poll that ended Wednesday, the votes from a reasonable panel of voters were widely split as to the top, main cause of rising food prices with inflation being blamed quite a bit less than the other choices. The increase in fuel costs won out as being the top vote getter for food price increases at 27.3 percent. The main stream media has been hammering home reminders about how fuels costs are rising rapidly, and everyone sees their everyday costs increasing each time they fill up their car or truck.

But many of our poll takers are obviously blaming middlemen who have the means to manipulate prices simply to make more money for their company or themselves with an 18.2 percent share of the vote. And as with most topics where blame might be placed on the government, a fairly large group of 16.9 percent said the government is the main cause of rising food prices. See the totals and a couple comments below related to other reasons:

What do you think is the main cause of rising food prices?

A) The increase in fuel costs. 27.3%

B) Fewer grain crops being produced globally due to weather conditions. 11.7%

C) Government policies. 16.9%

D) Increasing populations/food consumption. 13.0%

E) Greedy capitalists, big food companies and Wall Street. 18.2%

F) Inflation. 7.8%

G) Other 5.2%


Voted F) and comment: "Biofuel initiative by federal government."

Voted E) and comment: "I also think fuel cost increase has a major play too." 

Voted C) and comment: "Devaluation of the dollar and loss of competition from foreign oil countries."

Voted A) and comment: "This will be one of the main factors. With current prices on fuel it will definitely make a huge dent in profits."

Total Responses: 77