Raven Industries Inc. introduced new advances in precision agriculture technology with the new Viper 4 field computer during the eleventh annual Raven Innovation Summit held June 4-5. Viper 4 improves how customers manage critical machine functions, but more importantly, enhances the way data collected in the field is managed and utilized.

The Viper 4 is a fourth generation field computer. Yet it’s also the first in a new generation powered by the new Raven Operating Software, which integrates Raven’s full line of products into one connected platform, but is also designed to work with any equipment brand.

The Viper 4 field computer features a 12.1-inch responsive touchscreen and sleek design with a rugged magnesium casing. A customizable user interface utilizing new Raven Operating Software allows users to set up machine profiles, user profiles and grower-farm-field information, expediting job start-up and streamlining information management functionality.

“Data management is critical to our customers’ success. Viper 4 hardware, software and third-party applications will operate separate from each other, providing an open platform for data management with our Slingshot API platform and agX compatibility,” said Matt Burkhart, vice president and general manager for Raven’s Applied Technology Division.