Trident Bio-Inducer for Soybeans from Precision Laboratories is the first seed enhancement product with bio-inducer capabilities, providing growers and retailers with a tool to improve plant health and increase yields.

After a year of severe drought and record-high temperatures throughout most of the United States, growers were looking for assistance to enhance their crop management practices in 2013. In announcing Trident Bio-Inducer, Terry Culp, vice president of seed and nutrient chemistries, Precision Laboratories, said, growers are making adjustments in their 2013 plans to consider the impact that last year’s drought and heat had on soil conditions and to be better prepared for the type of weather challenges they encountered. One tool soybean growers can use to prepare plants for potential stress conditions and to improve overall plant health is an inoculant.”

Unlike traditional soybean inoculants, Trident provides proprietary bacteria that are pre-stressed, allowing for 90-day survival on the seed, improved tolerance of seed-applied pesticides and performance across a broad range of spring environments. The bio-inducer within Trident causes nitrogen-fixing bacteria to generate nodule-producing chemicals for rapid root nodulation.

The increased nodulation provided enhanced nitrogen fixation, unlocking the full genetic potential of the soybean seed and promoting enhanced plant development. Trident bacteria also replaced the soil rhizobia that degenerated due to soil conditions from the 2012 drought. The results were soybeans that developed earlier and were more robust both above and below ground.

“Plants only have one chance for a good healthy start” said Culp. “Enhanced early plant development enables the crop to better handle in-season stresses and have the ability to finish strong.”