A new series of Pioneer brand soybean products, developed through DuPont Pioneer’s Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT) process, offers North America a broad range of high-yielding varieties. The new line of soybean products, named the T Series and 39 new seed products were available in 2013.

Available in seven maturity groups, T Series products represented the largest number of soybean varieties advanced in a single year by Pioneer. The new T Series varieties succeeded the popular Pioneer Y Series soybeans introduced several years ago.

“The next generation T Series soybean products provide growers a total package that helps them gain the most from every acre,” said Don Schafer, DuPont Pioneer senior marketing manager – soybeans. “A step change from earlier offerings, the T Series is a direct result of the AYT system that allows Pioneer soybean breeders to maximize yield potential, agronomic traits and resistance to yield-robbing pests.”            

Employing environment-specific markers to help optimize yields by geography, the AYT process pinpoints native trait genes for increased defensive trait protection and improved pest resistance packages tailored for specific geographies. AYT employs novel trait integration through a proprietary matrix of gene mapping, molecular breeding technologies and intense local field testing.

Among the new class of T Series soybeans, 34 varieties carried the Roundup Ready gene. There were two new Plenish high oleic varieties, five new products with the LibertyLink gene and two new varieties with the Roundup Ready/STS stack. Also, 32 products were soybean cyst nematode (SCN) resistant and 29 carried a major Phytophthora-resistant gene.          

To distinguish the new T Series varieties, Pioneer initiated a new soybean product numbering system similar to the current nomenclature used for Pioneer brand corn products.