In May, Dow AgroSciences LLC announced that U.S. regulatory authorities had approved the new insecticidal active ingredient, sulfoxaflor to be marketed in the U.S. as Transform and Closer. The U.S. registration, and the Canadian registration, are the result of a Global Joint Review, which also included Australia.

Sulfoxaflor belongs to a novel chemical class called sulfoximines invented by Dow AgroSciences and offers extremely effective control of many important sap-feeding insect pests. It can be used in a large number of major crops, including cotton, soybean, citrus, pome/stone fruit, nuts, grapes, potatoes, vegetables and strawberries. Sulfoxaflor has unique attributes compared with other sap-feeding insecticides providing a significant new tool for growers for many years to come.

“Sulfoxaflor is an ideal addition to integrated pest management programs. Its unique mode of action provides fast-acting control of harmful pests. Moreover, research data on sulfoxaflor continues to demonstrate lack of cross-resistance with other insecticides,” said Daniel Kittle, vice president, research and development, Dow AgroSciences. “This innovative new option fits conveniently into growers’ existing programs to help them protect yields in a wide variety of foods and fiber around the globe.”

In 2012, Dow AgroSciences had a successful South Korean launch of sulfoxaflor and had a U.S. Section 18 Emergency Use Label in cotton.