Pentair’s Hypro 1542P Series Polypropylene Transfer Pump, ideal for tank filling and chemical transfers, is now offered with an optional aluminum frame for easier handling and increased protection during transport. The new tubular frames provide convenient and ergonomic gripping positions, eliminating the need to hold the engine or pump itself. Also, since the pump and engine are all contained within the sturdy frame, it helps to protect the pump when moving it from one job to the next.

“The addition of the lightweight, yet durable tubular frame adds to the versatility of Pentair’s Hypro two-inch Polypropylene Transfer Pumps, while also increasing protection for the pump and the user,” states Bob Olson, product manager with Pentair’s Hypro pumps. “Since this type of pump is commonly used in nurse tank transfers and other corrosive, closed-system applications, the new frames help to ensure long-term performance, safety and convenience.”

Pentair’s Hypro 1542P Series is equipped with the powerful, field-proven and EPA-approved PowerPro engine with an overhead valve for cleaner operation. With flow rates of up to 200 gallons per minute (GPM) and pressures up to 58 PSI, Hypro’s transfer pumps offer the ideal solution for many fluid and chemical transfer needs. Available in two-inch models to fit common hose sizes.

The pump is designed to offer the ultimate in reliability, including nylon impellers that can handle solid particles in suspension up to 3/8-inch in diameter. In addition, the 1542P Series feature self-priming capabilities that create a maximum suction lift up to 25 feet when applications involve pumping liquid or particles over a small distance. To help the pumps withstand chemicals, an EPDM rubber mechanical seal and inlet valve ensures longevity and durability.

Pentair’s Hypro Polypropylene Transfer Pumps are supported by a one-year warranty and feature readily available repair parts to ensure the end-user can complete their pump project.

To receive more information on the new 1542P Series Polypropylene Transfer Pump with Tubular Frame, please contact Pentair’s Hypro team at 1-800-424-9776, or visit