Bayer CropScience’s On Demand is a fully-automated seed treatment system that enables greater precision for seed treaters and retailers for application of product. The editors chose this product for the top 10 list because it’s a fully automated closed system with computerized oversight from a remote location. We were impressed with the ability for Bayer personnel to troubleshoot any problems by remote.

On Demand is the first and only fully-automated seed treatment system developed to make treating seeds easier, more accurate and more efficient. The system is designed with product stewardship and convenience in mind, offering consistent applications resulting in improved seed integrity and accountability.

The system allows operators to select from multiple, preloaded and seed company-approved treatment recipes at the touch of a button. The true closed system eliminates jug-mixing by hand, helping to ensure that Poncho/Votivo and other Bayer seed treatments will be applied with greater precision and according to labeled rates.

“Innovation in seed treatment is essential to helping growers protect their crops and achieving quality yields in a sustainable way,” said Kerry Grossweiler, product manager at Bayer CropScience. “On Demand takes seed treating to the next level, and benefits growers by giving them added assurance that their seeds are being treated accurately. On Demand also benefits growers by providing them with a vast amount of data, which can help improve decision making and planning for future seasons.”

The user-friendly, touchscreen-based On Demand system can help manage product usage and will automatically reorder supplies so dealers can optimize inventory. Treaters will also benefit from state-of-the-art remote troubleshooting that enables automatic communication between the On Demand system and Bayer CropScience service professionals if any issues are detected.