The Nutrient Removal App from The Mosaic Company provides growers and retailers with valuable nutrient removal data in support of higher yields.

Utilizing years of agronomic research, the app is a next-generation take on the data previously seen in the Balanced Crop Nutrition guide. The app allows users to test potential yields, generating results that are crop- and region-specific. Once downloaded, the app may be used without internet service in the field, office or tractor. Available on iPhones, iPads and Droids, the app can be found in a mobile store.

Randy Groff, marketing manager for The Mosaic Company, sees the app as an invaluable smartphone innovation. “This data is the foundation and starting point for fertilizer recommendations,” says Groff. “It’s used all the time by growers and retailers, in flip charts, wall posters and wallet cards. With the best data and the newest technology, farmers and retailers now have the best of both worlds.”