The ARA Model Fertilizer Contract is now available in a format that allows the user to type information into the fields on the document and enter an electronic signature. The contract is meant a serve as a voluntary tool designed to help companies better manage their risks and provide the industry with consistent terms and conditions when dealing with suppliers or customers. A few ARA members recently suggested that the document be converted to the new electronic format to help eliminate any misinterpretations that could result from difficult to read changes to the document, especially if it is transferred between parties through a fax machine.

The ARA model fertilizer contract was developed by a task force of ARA members and specifies the mutual agreed upon terms of the buyer and seller between any two business entities in the distribution system: manufacturer, distributor, retailer and end user. ARA undertook this effort in response to the extreme volatility that has occurred with fertilizer prices and supplies over the past few years. This document is a way to help establish risk management, more accountability and common terms and conditions.

Click here to access the new fertilizer contract, which is now available to download on the ARA Web site. If you have any questions regarding the new version of the contract, please contact Richard Gupton in the ARA office at (202) 457-0825 or