We chose this product for our top 10 list because this new online tool offers live information to resellers to diagnose problems customers might be having or might encounter and because of its Doppler radar connection for all of the United States.

This fall MyWay RTK LLC officially launched MyWay Xchange, a new online tool that will connect MyWay resellers and customers in real time. MyWay designed the reseller portal to give resellers live information about their customers and base stations within their respective coverage areas, enabling them to ensure their customers’ RTK service is always performing at optimum levels.

MyWay Xchange features a real-time map that indicates the current or last known position of each customer. Having access to this live information allows resellers to specify a user’s proximity to surrounding base stations, so they can easily diagnose a connection issue in the event a user leaves the coverage area inadvertently. In addition, live streaming from base stations means resellers know at once if a base station ever goes offline.

“In the event a customer ever has a connection issue, the reseller now has the tools to resolve the matter quickly,” said MyWay RTK General Manager Andy Hill. “MyWay

Xchange was engineered to not only alert resellers about current problems, but to also help them anticipate possible risks.

Essentially, this tool helps minimize the chance a customer ever gets disconnected because of distance or weather problems.”

As MyWay Xchange features live Doppler radar coverage for the entire United States, resellers can see both active customers and current weather conditions simultaneously on one screen.

In the event severe weather conditions limit a user’s RTK service, the reseller can easily diagnose the problem’s source without leaving the office. Resellers can also use the radar coverage to view weather forecasts and warn customers of impending severe weather conditions beforehand.

A mobile version of MyWay Xchange has also been developed, providing resellers an easy and effective way to manage subscriptions, mount points and login credentials while on the go.

The mobile site offers benefits to subscribers as well, letting them manage their accounts and create custom profiles right from the field while on the go.