The new Mix Tank App was chosen for this year’s top 10 because it was an early sophisticated and user-friendly technology introduced for SmartPhones for the agricultural industry. The App offers highly usable information for mixing products. As the use of SmartPhones and Apps has exploded, this is one product designed for the agriculture industry that is robust and provides a large amount of information to its users.

The new Mix Tank App for iPhone and iPod touch offers a simple and unique process to identify correct mixing sequence.

As mixing issues and interactions continue to cause more problems, the Mix Tank App reduces product and money loss from sprayer clogging. The free Mix Tank App offers the first of its kind assistance in determining the accurate mixing sequence for pesticides, adjuvants and foliar nutrition products. With more than 700 crop protection products from more than 15 manufacturers, the new Mix Tank App can process mixtures to determine the correct solution.

After downloading the app, the new tool allows users to select inputs then review details, features and benefits, use rates and share the results through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. The Mix Tank App is free of charge, providing customers full advantage to cost-saving tools and increased efficiency.

“The new Mix Tank App is designed to support retailers, crop specialists, researchers and growers in providing accurate and efficient mix tank sequences to enhance profitability and ease,” said Daniel Ori, marketing specialist at Precision Laboratories. “Adjusting crop protection strategies leads to more tank mixing and an improper mix can cause lost time and money. By using the Mix Tank App users can get the most out of every tank mix.”