Wet weather is forcing many growers into late seeding and causing problems with nitrogen application. For growers unable to get nitrogen on fields this spring, ESN Smart Nitrogen provides a solution for side-dressing crops. The controlled-released technology of ESN delivers N as growing crops demand it, protecting the remaining nitrogen from losses due to leaching and denitrification. (Other forms of N-technology products are also reportedly in good supply.)

“ESN maximizes the overall value of your nitrogen, and you only need one application to provide nitrogen through the entire growing season,” says Andrew Mittag, President, Agrium Advanced Technologies. “With our ESN production facility in New Madrid, MO running at full capacity, we’re in a position to meet a grower’s nitrogen needs.”

In areas of high N loss, ESN significantly out performs conventional N fertilizers. ESN has also proven to increase quality characteristics of various crops, such as higher protein content in wheat and better quality ratings in potatoes.