The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved federal registration for Dow AgroScience’s Intrepid Edge insecticide in July 2013. The new insecticide features fast knockdown and extended residual control of a broad spectrum of worm species in soybeans, peanuts and pecans.

“Intrepid Edge provides growers with fast knockdown of a broad spectrum of foliage and pod-feeding insects, including corn earworms, loopers and armyworms,” said Phil Jost, insecticides portfolio marketing leader for Dow AgroSciences.

“Intrepid Edge has shown extremely good efficacy against soybean pests,” said Gus Lorenz, Ph.D., entomologist from the University of Arkansas. “It has provided extended residual control that allows growers to control loopers and a second generation of earworms in one shot.”

Intrepid Edge insecticide consists of two modes of action — a Group 5 and Group 18 insecticide — in a ratio that optimizes knockdown and residual control. These two chemistries combine to allow growers to control worms resistant to other insecticides while remaining compatible in an effective integrated pest management program.

“A complex of worm species is often present in the field at the same time,” Lorenz said. “The two chemistries mix to give growers and consultants confidence that they’ll receive long-term control of all caterpillars.”

Intrepid Edge insecticide attacks targeted insects through contact and ingestion, and maintains effectiveness after rainfall or irrigation through excellent rainfastness. It demonstrates minimal impact on beneficial insects and does not flare mites.

Spinetoram and methoxyfenozide, the two active ingredients in Intrepid Edge, both received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.