Three new videos from FMC Corporation take pest management professionals (PMPs) step-by-step through the new guidelines recently adopted by the EPA for non-crop outdoor use of all pyrethroid insecticide products. The three videos each focus on a different type of product: liquid insecticides, granular insecticides and pre-construction termiticides.

Each running three to four minutes long, the new FMC videos clearly demonstrate how and where to use the various types of pyrethroid products in common outdoor situations.

"The new guidelines can be confusing, so we wanted to make sure PMPs know what the EPA requirements mean," said Catherine Bernard, pest segment product manager for FMC Professional Solutions. "Our videos spell out the mandatory and advisory guidelines for each area of outdoor pyrethroid pesticide use, as well as demonstrate typical usage."

By adopting the new guidelines, the EPA hopes to lessen the potential for insecticide drift and run-off and call attention to environmental stewardship of pyrethroid products. Accordingly, FMC has submitted revised labels for its pyrethroid products.

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