Even though the latest news has been that flooding in the Midwest and along the Mississippi River in the south is covering large acreage of farm ground, those taking last week’s AgProfessional Web Poll were overwhelmingly confident that the flooding would not reduce planted acres to any substantial degree or total year-end grain production by U.S. farmers. 

A total of 90 percent of those taking the poll expect flooded fields to be planted with a crop that will yield grain. The only comment was: “Yields will be reduced though because of the later planting date.”

As noted last week, we have moved to replacing the Web Poll each week at http://www.agprofessional.com/. The other news is that from now forward when you vote, you will see how your vote compared to others taking the poll. The results at the time you cast your opinion will show up as a bar chart.

We hope that you enjoy comparing your opinions with your counterparts in the industry. And, if you have a poll question you would like to see asked, just e-mail it to me at rkeller@vancepublishing.com.

Last week’s question and poll results:

What are your thoughts about Midwest flooding and its impact on year-end grain production?

  1. There is time for recovery to plant flooded fields with a crop. 55.0%
  2. Farmers get worried every spring and things will turn out OK again. 30.0%
  3. Impact will be a switch from corn to soybeans on flooded ground. 5.0%
  4. There will be impact with huge acreage going unplanted. 10.0%
  5. Other, your thoughts. 0.0%