CropLife America announced the details of its new Tell Me More challenge program, the "Tell Me More Masters in Modern Agriculture" (MMA) program!

This is a multi-faceted program geared to get you, the employee of a CLA member company or state association, speaking up on behalf of modern agriculture. The program consists of two components:

1. Successfully complete four short online quizzes that address:
o Sustainability;
o Safety and regulation;
o Everyday facts and figures from the Tell Me More posters;
o Myths in the Media.
o Start the first quiz now!

2. Submit a written or verbal essay:

o The written essay is an important part of any exam! To gain your MMA certification, participants must write a 2-3 paragraph essay on one of the five questions below. Or, in lieu of a written essay, you can send CLA a short video (2-3 minutes). All entries can be submitted to Mary Emma Young, and will be posted on the Tell Me More blog, upon its launch.

*How does your job support modern agriculture in America?

*What do you think is the biggest public misconception about agriculture? How would you help to fix it?

*Imagine your favorite dish at dinner with your family on a Sunday night. What is it? How do modern growing practices help to ensure it makes it all the way to your plate?

*A lot has changed since Rachel Carson's Silent Spring was first published 50 years ago in 1962. How have crop protection products changed, and how are they used differently?

*When have you spoken up on behalf of agriculture, or helped to correct someone's misconception? What was the setting (online, in person, etc.), and what was their reaction?

Once you've finished the exams and essay, CLA will award you a special MMA pin and bragging rights. Make sure to check with your supervisor to see if your company's communications department is involved in the program.

The MMA program closes on July 31, 2012. CLA will recognize the companies with the highest percentage of participants at the 2012 CLA/RISE Annual Meeting, taking place in September.