We picked Dawn Equipment’s Anhydra Universal Fertilizer Applicator this year because the highly engineered equipment allows for three types of fertilizer to be applied at the same time. We consider this a sophisticated system that is truly unique.

The Anhydra allows for the application of anhydrous ammonia, liquid fertilizer/manure and granular fertilizer. The applicator is designed for high-speed application (10 to 12 mph) of fertilizer at high rates (250 lbs. N) and low horsepower, according to Joseph Bassett, director of operations for Dawn.

Another unique feature is that the applicator can operate in cold conditions because a plastic coating on the knife insulates it and keeps liquid nitrogen from freezing. Bassett says that a grower can apply dry, ammonia and liquid nitrogen all at the same time, and during three seasons of the year.

The key feature of the whole design is the very unique knife arrangement, which is a free-floating device referred to as the rudder. A blade opens the ground and the rudder is free to follow it so that it self-centers in the furrow as it discharges the fertilizer.