This product was chosen for this year’s list because it builds significantly on the success of GVM’s AgJunction. The newest product, AgJunction Link, is designed to increase the speed and simplify the task of moving and processing collected field data. In creating AgJunction Link, the team aimed to open up an entirely new way to quickly and efficiently move collected field data into a user’s precision ag program so that the analysis and decision-making process could be started as early as possible.

This new hardware and software system is available on all machine brands and will work with all major controllers, allowing data and files from the field to be wirelessly transferred to the office.

AgJunction Link allows users to send and process field data files using a wireless internet connection directly from the cab of their combine, planter or application equipment. By integrating back-end data processing into the new software, users will be able to move data files with the simple touch of a button.

AgJunction Link reduces a two-week process of moving and processing data into a 20-minute job. Users no longer need to spend time or money manually transporting, then uploading and processing data. After data has been sent, the AgJunction system gathers the data files, automatically sorts the data and matches it to the correct field profiles based on the geospatial data collected and stored within AgJunction. Once processing is complete, it will then send out notifications to the client and/or retailer to alert them, letting them know that new field data is available.

The new AgJunction Link is available with or without wireless service and with or without tracking capabilities.