Ag Leader Technology Inc.’s product was chosen this year because of the multiple functionality of the new controller. We considered this to be leading edge technology. The introduction of support for ground drive air carts with linear actuator control for seeding and fertilizer application enables control of up to three channels of granular product or a combination of one channel of seed and two channels of granular product. The new air cart support provides the benefits of SeedCommand and DirectCommand to broad-acre seeding.

“Ag Leader now provides a valuable precision farming tool for broad-acre operations,” said John Howard, product manager. “The calibration enhancements, meter prime feature and support for meter circuit clutches provide benefits such as AutoSwath, data logging and mapping and variable rate seeding or fertilizer application for these operations.”

Additional features of the air cart support include tables for referencing stored meter calibration values to reduce the chance of error; variable rate control by product for more efficient use of inputs; support for bin level and fan speed sensors; and an automatic meter shut off option if fan speed falls below a minimum setting. The air cart support is available with Ag Leader’s Integra display.