Adapt-N is an online tool that helps precisely manage nitrogen inputs for grain, silage or sweet corn. It uses a well-calibrated computer model and high-resolution weather information to help simulate the complexities of a growing season within a corn field.

It was developed to provide more precise N recommend-ations for corn, based on site-specific conditions. It uses basic soil, management and crop information provided by the grower. By basing recommendations on local conditions, the tool improves N use efficiency, thus improving farm profits, while reducing environmental N losses.

The model was developed by Cornell University agronomists led by Harold van Es. Since this tool can predict corn N needs more precisely based on field-specific conditions, it allows for more timely application of N when the crop needs it. It adjusts N applications based on weather. It reduces fertilizer rates, costs and losses in the long-term, while maintaining yield. It helps to fine-tune sidedress N rates. It can determine if manured fields need additional fertilizer N, and it can determine if rescue N is needed after heavy spring rains. It helps answer the question if there is excess N after a growing season.

Adapt-N is mobile enabled and can be used on a smartphone, iPad or Tablet. 

Adapt-N was tested for a year and a half in Iowa and New York. It was introduced in 2012 to Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin. More states are expected to be added in 2013.