Source: IntelliCrop LLC

IntelliCrop LLC and ZedX Inc., announced a strategic alliance to bring together ZedX's next generation, high-resolution weather data with IntelliCrop's advanced timing models for equipment applications in crop production.

The combination of high resolution models tailored to site-specific weather data ensures that applications are made at the right time with reduced management stress and minimum use of equipment, labor and fuel. Sporadic rainfall patterns coupled with variable soil moisture properties across a region present growers, cooperatives, and agricultural service providers with a scheduling nightmare for equipment. Hundreds of man-hours are spent in surveying fields and testing soils to be sure that equipment is properly deployed at the right place and at the right time on a farm. Early deployment in a wet field can risk bogged down equipment, damaged soils, and potential erosion. Late deployment in early accessible areas results in missed opportunities for applications and an inefficient use of human and material resources.

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