Source: Yargus Manufacturing

Yargus Manufacturing has announced the addition of dry, free-flowing stainless steel holding tanks to its Layco product line.

In announcing the new product, company president Larry Yargus said, "Yargus takes a proactive stance in providing options for the industry. Because of the non-corrosive quality and longer life of stainless steel, we like to use it as much as possible. Many current manufacturers of tanks are using mild steel instead of stainless. We wanted to provide this stainless steel tank option to our customers."

Yargus recently completed a 22,425-square-foot plant expansion which included additional production space and a higher ceiling capacity, facilitating fabrication of the enormous tanks.

In addition, the company made an investment in new manufacturing equipment, including a new rolling machine and seam welder, to assure manufacture of high-quality tanks.

Yargus can supply any dry material (powder and granule) stainless steel holding tanks, including those for edible grains and food industry storage. Standard capacities include 30, 36, 50, 100, 150, 170 and 200 tons, but the company can supply custom needs in any size from 10-ton to 200-ton capacity.

Yargus said the company recently shipped three 175-ton tanks for the storage of dry fertilizer to Evergreen FS in Colfax, Ill.