Source: Yargus Manufacturing

Yargus Manufacturing Inc. celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Layco fertilizer handling equipment line.

Founded as Layco in 1968 by Lloyd Allen Yargus, the company was a conveyor repair and reconditioning shop that also built truck bumpers for area farmers and fertilizer dealers. Over the years, Layco's product line developed into one of the most complete lines of fertilizer blending and conveying systems in the material handling industry.

Layco developed and patented the original Single-Unit Blender, a novel fertilizer blending concept in 1980, in that the weighing and mixing took place in the same hopper. The Single-Unit Blender became a market success because it reduced the amount of space required by the traditional rotary blending systems and reduced the number of moving parts, thus reducing maintenance, downtime and original cash outlay.

In 1992, Lloyd's son, Larry Yargus, acquired Layco and renamed the company Yargus Manufacturing, but kept the product line name as Layco, because it had become such a familiar name in the industry.

Yargus maintained exclusive production/manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of the line, which specialized in fertilizer handling conveyors and blenders and in-plant equipment.

Currently, the Yargus Manufacturing complex in Marshall, Ill., spreads over five acres, with 58,000 square feet for sales, engineering and manufacturing. The company ships Layco equipment all over the world for fertilizer and other material handling use, and over the years has become a sought-after equipment supplier because of its unique ability to successfully custom-design and manufacture equipment to meet its customers' specific needs and requirements.