Yargus Manufacturing has achieved certification by the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) that it meets applicable requirements for commercial weighing and measuring equipment in the United States.

Four Yargus models equipped with Rice Lake hopper scales passed rigorous National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) testing in August 2007.

Items tested were a 10-ton Weigh Hopper with a 24-inch-wide Transfer Conveyor, a 16-ton Tower Weigh Hopper, a 16-ton Tapered Auger Blender, and a 30-ton Overhead Weigh Hopper Loadout. Testing was performed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture Lab of the NCWM, with assistance from the Illinois Department of Weights and Measures and Rice Lake Weighing Systems support. All four systems passed on the first try. Certification enables Yargus Manufacturing to sell this equipment for legal trade throughout the U.S.

"Our entire product line is NTEP-approved," said Larry Yargus, owner of Yargus Manufacturing. "Not every material handling equipment manufacturer is able to make this statement. This opens some very important markets for us and offers a significant benefit for our customers."

"Thanks to this certification," said Chris White, chief engineer at Yargus, "dry material handlers who install Layco hoppers and blend systems that are 'legal for trade' are able to offer their customers a significant savings in both time and money over the truck scale alternative."

During the certification evaluation, the hopper scales were sealed and 300 weight tests were conducted on all four devices over a 21-day period. Several increasing/decreasing tests were repeated on each weighing element for a follow-up test, which was conducted by Illinois Weights & Measures.

The Yargus models were approved with a Rice Lake model PLS weighing-element and Rice Lake Model RL20000B Series load cells.

"It took a major investment for us to make this happen," Yargus explained. "Our scale supplier, Rice Lake Weighing Systems, provided support and pre-testing as we prepared for the live evaluation."

Yargus Manufacturing (www.yargus.com) is a family owned and operated business located in the Corn Belt of the United States. Yargus produces a complete line of Layco blending and material handling equipment that is shipped all over the world for fertilizer and material handling use.

It is a full-service company with experienced engineering and design, marketing, production, installation, transportation and technical assistance personnel to serve you.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems has been a leader in the industrial scale and process-control weighing industry for 60 years. Its products are designed to deliver increased production and process control and it service network meets the regulatory requirements for putting legal-for-trade scales into operation.

Through 12 participating laboratories, the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) evaluates the performance, operating characteristics, features and options of weighing and measuring devices against the applicable standards created by the National Conference on Weights and Measures, Inc. (NCWM), of which every state is a member, and in accordance with guidelines set by the National Institute on Weights and Measures (NIST).