Weldcraft's newest addition to its Legacy Series of TIG torches-the LS17 air-cooled torch-features an innovative torch handle design created especially to improve comfort, control and welding productivity. Like all Legacy Series torches, the LS17 offers reliable welding performance and good weld quality at a competitive price. It is rated at 150 amps DC and 125 amps AC, both at 60 percent duty cycle.

The LS17 air-cooled torch includes an easily interchangeable fingertip switch that provides remote amperage control and can be replaced without any tools. Both features help minimize downtime and increase welding productivity. Adding to the LS17's unique design is a durable and flexible knuckle joint at the base of the torch handle. The knuckle joint permits greater torch control and easier movement, while also minimizing stress on the power cables and the backend of the torch body. This feature helps lower replacement costs and downtime to replace twisted or damaged power cables, and it reduces the opportunity for high-frequency leakage that could adversely affect arc quality.

The LS17 torch has an effective air-cooled design that prevents overheating and allows for long-term, reliable welding performance and greater operator comfort. A styled soft-grip handle adds to that comfort and prevents slipping to improve overall torch control.

The torch is available with a 12-1/2 or 25-ft. single-piece rubber cable assembly, each of which comes standard with a protective sheath that helps lengthen cable life and reduce clutter. The rubber cable assemblies resist kinking that could lead to interruptions in shielding gas flow and/or cause weld quality problems associated with lack of gas coverage. Each package will also come with a 14-pin connector and control wire for connection to a Miller power source. Several models are available with a manual gas control valve to allow the operator to easily adjust shielding gas flow.

The LS17 torch is compatible with all 10N Series consumables.