By Richard Keller, AgProfessional editor

Results of the AgProfessional Web Poll that can be answered at and that is mentioned in the Dealer Update e-newsletter each week have been reported in various methods during the last five years.

As of today, we will report results with a short news item in Dealer Update. We will also include the short comments provided by some of those taking the poll.

To kick things off, we are providing results from the poll that ended last week. Results of that question about fuel price impact on profits resulted in a significant number of comments. And it seemed like a good time for us to re-evaluate how we have been reporting results so that comments can be shared.

The Web Poll is changed every other week, and some visitors to our Web site have been faithful "poll takers" through the years. We encourage more of you to take the poll for a window on what others are doing and thinking. The majority of our Web Poll questions are specifically related to ag retail business or crop consultants, although some persons in other aspects of agriculture including farmers will occasionally provide their input.

Below is the most recent AgProfessional Web Poll question and results:

How concerned are you with the impact that rising fuel prices will have on your bottom line this spring and summer?

A) Very concerned. It will definitely eat into profits. 77.8%

B) Somewhat concerned. We expect to pass along the added costs. 20.8%

C) Not concerned. It’s just business as usual. 1.4%

D) Other 0.0%

Readers' comments:

"We are a market economy. We, as producers, do not set the price of either commodity or inputs, we can only shop around and accept the best of either or both."

"When will our government officials figure out that the price of fuel is the driver of food cost and most of the other economic problems facing us now?"

"We cannot pass along all additional costs."

"Being flexible in tough times is very important."

"It is going to hurt the world and the U.S. economy and feed inflation."

"We will probably not hire extra part time help to try to remain profitable."

"Fertilizer prices are on the move and with high fuel prices our cost will be up but we will have a very hard time passing these cost on due to our current marketing system."

"We cannot pass through all costs as our competitors sometimes don't seem to know their costs."
"We will pass along some of the added costs but resistance will grow as fuel prices continue to increase."

"Although it will have an effect it is not our only expense issue."

Total responses: 72