Source: Stu Ellis, University of Illinois

You might see an opportunity to increase your profitability by expanding your operation to include nearby farmland that is being offered for cash rent. However, your bid that may have been generous was not competitive with someone else, and you lost the opportunity to control a significant farmland resource. That was the point made by Purdue economists in describing "drivers of change" in agriculture in the latest issue of Choices magazine. Another one of those resources is fertilizer, and if you want to control some of it for your own use, you will have to outbid farmers who do not speak your language.

As a quick refresher about "drivers of change in agriculture," review the February 8 posting of the Farmgateblog. It indicates profitability will be a function of several dynamics, one of which is resource availability, and one of those resources is fertilizer availability. Fertilizer use is going up, and the availability will go to the highest bidders. 

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