Source: Bayer CropScience and United Potato Growers of America

In a meeting with North American potato growers, Bayer CropScience and United Potato Growers of America announced their continued commitment to sustainable agriculture and the world's food supply. As part of the announcement, Bayer CropScience has committed, for the second year, to be part of UPGA's United Potato Partners sponsorship program.

"The support of United Potato Growers of America by Bayer CropScience has directly helped potato growers understand the tools necessary to properly plan for the production and marketing of their potato crop in a sustainable and profitable manner," said Lee Frankel, UPGA president and chief executive officer. "Bayer CropScience is an important partner in the food supply chain to help growers achieve the yields and efficiencies necessary to feed the world. Through United Potato Growers of America and the United Potato Partners seminars, potato growers are learning every year how to sustain and stabilize their operations at profitable levels."

The partnership announcement was made at the third annual North American Potato Grower Summit held in Las Vegas with representatives of UPGA, Potato Marketing Association of North America and United Potato Growers of Canada.

Local United Potato Partners seminars will be held this year in California, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin.

Frankel said, "As part of the United Potato Partners program, the collaboration with Bayer CropScience provides not only educational seminars to be held this year in major U.S. potato growing regions, but also supports growers in their role as one of the critical providers of the world's food supply through innovative solutions."

"Our commitment to sustainable agriculture remains a focal point as we strive to help growers produce more from each acre of land to feed the exploding world population," said John Smith, director of the horticulture region for Bayer CropScience. "As wealth increases, diets diversify from cereal grains, to vegetable oils to protein (i.e. meat) which drives the need for high-production agriculture."

During his remarks at the meeting today with North American potato growers, Smith commented on the latest world population projection of 9 billion people by 2025. As a partner in the food chain, Bayer CropScience is committed to delivering innovative technology and solutions to the marketplace to support growers in capturing the most from each acre. Without modern crop protection and biotechnology, 50 percent of all crops would be lost to pests and an additional 2.5 billion acres of land would need to be converted from wilderness areas, habitats and forests to produce enough food.