Source: University Potash Corporation

Universal Potash Corporation has negotiated the acquisition to a majority interest in the potash rights to three square miles of prospective ground in the Paradox Basin of Utah. The leased property is located less the 1,000 yards west of the Bureau of Land Management's designated KPLA (Known Potash Leasing Area) reserve.

The UPCO acquisition encompasses nearly 2,000 acres of the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) tracts of subsurface potassium rights. Direct access and infrastructure is immediately contiguous to the acquired project area. This includes a pool of professional labor, a major highway, natural gas pipeline and close proximity of a major power source. Improved roads crisscross the leases. The company has in its possession oil and gas well data displaying sections of salts nearly 3,000 feet thick containing multiple potassium (Potash) beds within the Paradox salts. 

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