Source: MANA

MANA Crop Protection has introduced two new herbicides for broadleaf and grass control in corn. Ironclad nicosulfuron plus rimsulfuron herbicide and Adapt nicosulfuron herbicide are now available to control many tough weeds in corn.

"When Ironclad is used in a post-emergence early season application to actively growing grasses and broadleaf weeds in corn, the result is excellent selective weed control and good residual activity against many of those weeds," said Dave Downing, senior marketing manager for MANA herbicides. "Ironclad is a very flexible herbicide, with low rates that can be applied by ground or air in a wide application window. It is a good choice for either conventional corn or herbicide-tolerant corn, and will take out some resistant biotypes."

Weeds controlled by Ironclad include barnyardgrass, volunteer cereals, woolly cupgrass, foxtails, Johnsongrass, wirestem muhly*, panicum, field sandbur*, shattercane, wild oats, burcucumber, jimsonweeds, morningglory, wild mustard, and some pigweeds. Ironclad is compatible with several tank mix partners for enhanced control of kochia, lambsquarters, mallow, nightshade, ragweed, velvetleaf and waterhemp. (*Cultivation or re-treatment may be required for complete control.)

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