Two new distributors have begun offering Specialty Fertilizer Products' (SFP) revolutionary phosphate-fertilizer enhancer, Avail, extending the reach of Avail to producers in New England, the Mid-Atlantic, the Upper Midwest and the Southwest.

The Andersons Inc. will now distribute Avail to fertilizer dealers and their customers in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, while Frontier Fertilizer & Chemical Co. LLC will provide Avail to farmers in West Texas, western Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Panhandle.
The addition of The Andersons and Frontier Fertilizer to SFP's distributor network significantly expands fertilizer dealers' and growers' access to Avail. These two companies join three other major agricultural distributors as the exclusive distributors of Avail in their respective regions of the country.

The other three distributors of Avail are: J.R. Simplot Co. in the western U.S., United Suppliers in the central U.S. and Southern States Cooperative in the southeast.

"The quality of customer service and dedication to the grower that Frontier and The Andersons provide are industry-building qualities SFP is proud to be associated with," says Larry Sanders, Ph.D., SFP president and chief executive officer. "Frontier and The Andersons understand the significance Avail can have for producers in terms of improved phosphorus efficiencies, and they were proactive in helping make this product Available to growers in their respective regions."

Mel Hahn, vice president of sales and marketing for The Andersons, says that with growth trends in agriculture such as the increasing demand for ethanol, Avail presents a unique opportunity for producers to maximize yields and boost profit margins through more efficient utilization of phosphate fertilizer.

"With corn prices over $4 dollars a bushel, it makes sense to focus more attention on maximizing yield, and using Avail is a great way to go after extra yield," says Hahn.

Field tests show Avail increases yields as much as 15 percent by reducing phosphorous fixation in the soil, and it has been described by some researchers as the most significant phosphate fertilizer enhancement in 30 years.

Charles McQuhae, president of Frontier Fertilizer, says distributing Avail is one more way his company can provide farmers with the tools they need to maximize their fertilizer investment.

"SFP has found a new way to deal with an age-old problem," McQuhae says. "Avail helps crops get the phosphorus they need-when they need it-for optimal growth potential. It is a valuable profit-producing tool for farmers."