Source: Trimble

Trimble has introduced two new products — the EZ-Surface software and EZ-Sync system.

The EZ-Surface software works with the Autoslope feature of Trimble's AgGPS FieldLevel II system, which runs on the FmX integrated display. The desktop software allows farmers and drainage contractors to analyze fields surveyed with FieldLevel II by viewing 3D field models, watershed maps, contours, surface flow paths and waterflow directions. From this analysis, the user can easily determine the most appropriate and efficient locations for surface ditches or farm tile drainage lines. These lines can be drawn on the map taking into account the field topography and real world obstacles by viewing them over a Google Maps image.

Trimble's new EZ-Sync system is a wireless data transfer capability that provides enhanced information management for growers and agribusinesses. EZ-Sync, an addition to the EZ-Office suite, wirelessly links the field to the office by transferring information such as planned and completed jobs, guidance lines, soil sampling and scouting maps, application maps, and variable rate prescription maps.

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