Source: Purdue University

Although at just detectable levels, black cutworm moths are beginning their arrival into the Midwest from sites in south Texas and northern Mexico. Warm, moist air currents sweeping up from the Gulf Coast literally lift these moths up into the upper atmosphere and carries them into Midwestern states. The direction that these weather systems track and the number of moths that are carried within them will determine whether they are brought into our area and whether or not they will pose a threat to our crops.

Black cutworm pheromone trap
As in the past, black cutworm pheromone trap cooperators located throughout the state will monitor moth arrival. As we approach the more critical times for moth activity, that being mid to later April, we will be watching for what we refer to as an "intense capture." This is when 9 or more moths are caught in a trap over a two-day period. When and if this occurs, we will begin accumulating heat units (HU base 50