The Agricultural Retailers Association reported on Sept. 11, that more than 30 Environmental Protection Agency staff members toured Willard Agri-Service in Lynch, Md., to witness first-hand some of the latest ag technology being used by retailers to counter potential adverse effects that industry fertilizer and pesticides have had on the local environment.

"Willard Agri-Service is a flagship retail facility," said Jack Eberspacher, ARA president and CEO. "Bob Willard, ARA Chairman of the Board and President of Willard Agri-Service, hosted the tour that showcased what the ag retail industry is doing to safeguard the environment with its proactive on-site chemical storage, recycling, and containment and security measures implemented."

Participants received an overview from ARA staff regarding the ag retail and distribution industry, precision agriculture and spray drift reduction technologies. A demonstration of ag sprayers and the latest spray drift reduction technology was administered. Mark Twining, sales manager of Willard Agri-Service, delivered a presentation about nutrient runoff and its impact on the Chesapeake Bay.

In addition, a panel discussion regarding Web-based labeling was presented by Rick Adams, branch manager of Helena Chemical Company; Tim McPherson, Senior Product Registration Manager of DuPont; and Ed Crow, Entomologist of the Maryland Department of Agriculture's Pesticide Regulation Division.

The tour was sponsored by Willard Agri-Service and Syngenta. For more information, please contact Carmen Haworth at (202) 457-0825, ext. 36, or, via e-mail at