CropLife International supports the goal of normalized global trade in agricultural products, including biotech products.

To achieve this goal, CropLife International calls upon the European Commission (EC) to promptly take the necessary steps to comply with the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling of Nov. 21, 2006, by ending the European Union's (EU) illegal moratorium on approving agricultural biotech products. The Reasonable Period of Time (RPT), including extensions, for EU compliance with the WTO ruling expired Jan. 11, 2008, with little evidence of progress.

It is time to move forward by addressing the backlog of dossiers supporting new biotech product approvals sitting in Brussels. And it is time for the EC to take appropriate action to end unjustified biotech cultivation bans by member states.

On the very date the RPT for WTO compliance expired, the French government imposed a baseless ban of the only biotech product approved for cultivation in France. CropLife International calls upon the EC to challenge and overturn this politically choreographed ban in France, a decision that was disowned by 12 of the 15 scientists of a review panel appointed by the French government.

At a time of unprecedented increasing global demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel, coupled with the need to take action to combat climate change, it's time for the EC to move forward and allow European farmers to use the most productive technology. This will support global trade and benefit European consumers, farmers and the environment.
Biotech crops benefit the environment by enabling farmers to use less fuel, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, conserve land and water, and increase yields.