"Agriculture: Food, Fiber and Energy for the Future" has been selected as the theme for the International Farm Management Congress which will be held in Bloomington/Normal in July 2009. Hosting the event will be members of the Illinois Society of Professional Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers.

"This is extremely topical and versatile as a theme," says Chapter President Andy Brorsen, ARA, of Brorsen Appraisals in Kankakee. "Agriculture in the United States, and for sure in other regions of the world, has always had a focus on food and fiber. Now, as corn and other biomass crops are being used for the production of ethanol, and soy oil is becoming a greater factor in the production of diesel fuel, we can certainly add energy to the list, particularly energy for the future."

Brorsen went on to explain that a good deal of the program during the 2009 Congress will address the elements of the theme. "There will be a great many academic papers presented and the subjects of those presentations will springboard off the theme that we have selected.

An International Logo
The logo has a true international flavor to it as it was designed by a young fine artist in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria. "Dido Kaludov is the brother of one of our daughters-in-law," explains Carroll Merry, executive director of the Illinois Society. "We met Dido when our son and his wife were married in Bulgaria three years ago. We knew he had a particular talent for design concepts, so when it came time to develop a logo we asked him to submit some ideas. The final piece is actually a composite of two renditions he submitted.

"He has finished his formal education and is currently working for a company that produces music. He does a great deal of the art on the cd jackets," Merry notes. "We did not want a corn and soybeans theme in the graphics. It had to be something that could be considered much more universal in approach."

The Congress will run July 19 - 24 and will be based out of the Illinois State University campus facilities. Merry notes that the Congress is held every two years and this will be only the second time it has been in the United, the last time being 1982. Merry and other Illinois Society members travelled to the 2005 Congress when it was in Brazil and to Ireland this summer for IFMA16. The 2011 event is scheduled for New Zealand.