As our nation and the world struggles to address the perils of the ongoing financial meltdown, the farm families of the American Agriculture Movement (AAM) offer part of the solution to help avoid the "Greater Depression." Just as T. Boone Pickens correctly explains that we cannot drill our way out of the current energy crisis, AAM makes the point that we cannot borrow our way out of the current financial crisis.

To clarify our view, we wish to remind our nation's leaders of a fitting quote from one of America's founding fathers. "There are three ways a nation can become wealthy. It can make war and take the wealth of another by force. It can trade freely and make a profit by cheating. Or it can profit through agriculture, whereby planting a seed we create new wealth as if by a miracle." - Benjamin Franklin

AAM recognizes that the lack of an adequate safety net for agriculture is why debt economics rather than parity economics have brought us to where we are today. The failure of U.S. agriculture policy to establish satisfactory price supports for our most abundant, renewable and natural resources, namely the products planted, raised, harvested and delivered by our family farmers is at the root of our economic challenges. Those challenges can get much worse if agriculture falls into a recession like the 1970s and 1980s.

America is not going to solve its energy crisis by waging war to take the wealth of other nations by force. America is not going to solve our financial crisis with unfair trade agreements that allow the few to cheat and profit the many. And America is not going to avoid further economic erosion by borrowing against our future and the future of coming generations. America needs Parity for family farmers "whereby planting a seed we create new wealth as if by a miracle."