Source: Syngenta

Syngenta has initiated several college scholarship programs for those involved in various crop production in the U.S. Syngenta is accepting applications for its initial Potato Scholarship program and Almond Scholarship program. Applications can be made by high school seniors and college students (excluding seniors) interested in pursuing a career in agriculture. There are specific restrictions on college location for each program.

The $5,000 scholarship opportunity is available to students involved in the potato-growing industry or almond-growing industry who meet one of these requirements: 1) High school senior interested in agriculture and/or involved in 4-H or FFA; or 2) College freshman, sophomore or junior majoring (or intending to major) in an agriculture-related field.

Syngenta notes that agricultural resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and still growers are expected to produce higher-quality crops in a larger quantity with fewer resources. The applicants are required to explain in 350 words or less how the potato industry/almond industry could maximize its resources to meet the growing demand for food, feed and fuel. When writing the essay, each application is asked to consider the following aspects: land use, water optimization, technology transfer and biodiversity.

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