Syngenta announced it is making enhancements in its Corn and Soybean seeds and traits organization to accelerate growth of the Garst, Golden Harvest, NK businesses and Agrisure traits.

Garst, Golden Harvest and NK are each restructuring their sales teams to serve distinct grower needs and purchasing preferences. In support of the field sales and customer services organizations, Syngenta is aligning and enhancing many resources, such as marketing, product management and operations, into a strong centralized infrastructure, located in the Minneapolis, Minn. Metropolitan area. The commercial headquarters and leadership of Garst and Golden Harvest, previously located in Slater, Iowa, and Waterloo, Neb., will relocate to the Minneapolis area. The Syngenta seed supply and product development organizations associated with the Slater and Waterloo sites will continue expansion to underpin the extensive Syngenta pipeline of new corn hybrids and Agrisure traits.

"We are creating a more direct connection between customers and the resources of Syngenta," says Bruce Howison, vice president, marketing. "Garst, Golden Harvest and NK each have a product portfolio featuring leading Syngenta genetics and Agrisure traits that uniquely addresses its customers' productivity needs. Syngenta is committed to helping more growers and retailers build a valued relationship with the specific Syngenta brand best-suited to their business," Howison says.

Garst, Golden Harvest and NK will continue to have their own sales teams. They will work to ensure that customers have enhanced access to the unique benefits offered by their Syngenta seed brand of choice.

"Probably more than any other seed supplier, Syngenta knows that one seed brand cannot fit the needs of every grower in any given area," says Steve Ligon, vice president, commercial operations and head of sales. "We will match the best of our individual brands to the customers who can most benefit from a relationship with that brand, and this will add up to a larger customer footprint for us and a better deal for our customers," Ligon says.

David Witherspoon, former brand head for Garst, will assume leadership of the expanding Syngenta Renewable Fuels business. Pedro Rugeroni, formerly Syngenta country head for seeds in Brazil, now heads Garst. Rob Robinson, former brand head for Golden Harvest, assumes a senior role in supporting the transformation of the commercial business. Kevin Kimm, formerly a national sales manager with NK, now heads Golden Harvest. David Elser continues as head of NK.

As part of the transformation, Syngenta is creating a new Business Development group, headed by Ioana Tudor, which will develop initiatives for long-term growth, including acquisitions, licensing of new technologies, next-generation biofuels and new feed products.