Source: Syngenta Seedcare

Syngenta Seedcare introduces Avicta Complete Beans, a combination of separately registered products, which contains the first seed treatment nematicide available for use on soybeans. Avicta 500 FS seed treatment nematicide is combined with CruiserMaxx Beans insecticide/fungicide seed treatment combination to provide triple protection against damaging nematodes, insects and diseases, helping increase plant stand, improve vigor and ensure each seedling reaches its full genetic yield potential.

"With Avicta Complete Beans, the interaction of a nematicide, an insecticide and fungicides delivers superior early-season pest protection and even better results," said David Long, Ph.D., technical crop manager, Syngenta Seedcare. "We are excited that soybean growers now can rely on the proven performance of Avicta and experience convenient, consistent and reliable protection from day one."
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