Source: Agricultural Retailers Association

The Agricultural Retailers Association has brought to light and made a call for action for ARA members to support OSHA Process Safety Management "retail facility" exemption. The
Fertilizer Institute (TFI) recently submitted comments to the Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requesting that OSHA rescind a 2005 interpretation of a "retail facility" set forth in its Process Safety Management (PSM) Standard.

The 2005 "retail facility" interpretation changes the qualifications of the "retail facility" exemption from the PSM standard. The 2005 interpretation states the "retail facility" exemption only applies if half of the income the facility obtains is from the sales of PSM-covered highly hazardous chemicals to direct end users, and not the total sales of the establishment. This will effectively reduce the number of facilities exempt from the PSM standard.

OSHA requested that the comments be submitted via the IdeaScale Portal. This portal displays all comments submitted to the public and the public gives the "idea" a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down." TFI requests your help in elevating the issue by giving it a "thumbs up" on the Web site. ARA members are encouraged to access this link and give the comments a "thumbs up." You can give the comments a "thumbs up" through DOL's Web site, or you can do it through a variety of existing accounts — Yahoo, Facebook, AOL, etc.