Source: Great Salt Lake Minerals Corp.

University studies sponsored by Great Salt Lake Minerals Corp. indicate that sulfate of potash may be a more effective potassium fertilizer for sweet potato crops than traditional muriate of potash (MOP), increasing the yield of U.S. No. 1 sweet potatoes by as much as 32 percent in preliminary studies.

In 2007, preliminary trials were conducted at Louisiana State University to compare sources of potassium fertilizer on sweet potatoes, and also to measure the effect of potassium side dressing. The researchers specifically wanted to evaluate differences between MOP and Sulfate of Potash (SOP) fertilizers. The LSU research showed that SOP, which has virtually no chloride, resulted in significantly higher yields and crop quality.

The tests were conducted at the LSU Agricultural Center Sweet Potato Research Station in Chase, Louisiana. Five treatments of potassium fertilizer were applied to Beauregard sweet potatoes in

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