Source: College for Creative Studies

This past fall, 12 College for Creative Studies (CCS) Transportation Design students were challenged to consider traditional as well as unique applications for agricultural spraying equipment. They not only rose to the challenge, but they excelled in their design of a self-propelled crop sprayer that combined optimum functionality with superior design.

Instructor Clyde Foles and the students at CCS collaborated with Hagie for an entire 15-week semester, where students were challenged to design concepts for a self-propelled crop sprayer. This entailed doing conceptual work for the next generation sprayer and immediate production of a smaller sprayer.

As a result of this effort, two students were chosen to intern at Hagie the following semester. CCS recognizes the importance of providing students with real-world experiences and enhanced training to prepare them to become industry leaders. Sponsored research products are highly conceptual and allow students the opportunity to participate in creative, research based assignments within real-world class parameters.

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