Cotton growers know Stance plant growth regulator (PGR) from Bayer CropScience features simplicity and performance. For 2008, Stance has another important feature-a price reduction.

"A lower price is another good reason to use Stance," said Jon Mixson, Stance product manager. "Stance offers some key improvements over other PGRs. Growers tell us they like the uniform rates, the consistent vegetative management and the possibility for higher fiber quality."

Mepiquat chloride rates vary from 4 to 24 oz/A, Mixson said, and growers find themselves unsure of what rates they should use.

"Stance takes the guesswork out of rates," he said. "Growers can apply 2 oz/A for moderate vegetative vigor and 3 oz/A for high vegetative vigor."

Many cotton growers had success using Stance in 2007, including Charles Smith Jr., who farms near Jefferson, Ga. Smith tried Stance on three fields with a history of rank growth.

"It kept cotton growth in check better than anything we've used in years past," he said.

Smith said those fields usually required between 30 and 60 total oz/A of mepiquat chloride. With Stance, he made one 3 oz/A application just before first bloom and a second 3 oz/A application two and a half weeks later. By harvest, Smith said the plants had reached his target height of waist to shoulder high-and yields topped 1,600 lbs/A.

"We're certainly going to look at Stance again in 2008, possibly on all of our acres," he said.

Stance may also provide a boost in fiber quality, Mixson said. Data from 2006 and 2007 from multiple Cotton Belt states show a small but statistically significant increase in fiber staple length.

"An increase in fiber length can mean the difference between a discount, base or premium quality grade," Mixson said.

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