AgRenaissance Software LLC, a software developer of tools specifically designed for the agricultural community, has entered a partnership with Servi-Tech, a crop consulting firm. This partnership evolved after 3 years of utilization and testing of FieldRecon by Servi-Tech agronomists. FieldRecon is a software recordkeeping product developed by AgRenaissance for use by agronomists, growers and others involved with agriculture. This partnership affirms the effectiveness of FieldRecon to improve and add value to agricultural production.

David Krueger, president of AgRenaissance Software, developer of FieldRecon, stated, "I'm very excited to have Servi-Tech as a strategic partner. This partnership provides opportunities for AgRenaissance to not only work with Servi-Tech to enhance FieldRecon with improved field data collection and reporting functions, but also collaborate on other software projects that will benefit the agricultural community."

Mitch Counce, general manager for Servi-Tech, added, "The combination of our expertise with AgRenaissance Software and FieldRecon will allow us to bring improved computer software, laboratory and crop consulting agronomy services to our customers and others in agriculture. As farming becomes more complicated and technologically advanced, the ability to track and recall critical information for the decision-making process will become even more important. Our agrnomoists, who use FieldRecon, indicate it is extremely user-firendly and very easy to learn. FieldRecon software makes it very easy to keep, recall, sort, share and utilize any specific stored information associated with crop production and field history.