Against commodity pricing, a new type of USDA-approved organic fertilizer-soil amendment can boost profit, aerobic action and photosynthetic sugars for high-yield, disease and pest-resistant production.

To combat cut-throat foreign produce and low commodity prices, agricultural producers understand that organic production can set them and their pricing apart. But to sell organic, the entire production chain must be organic. And there are other reasons to go organic. Many problems-such as poor start-loss ratios, stunted growth or anemia, and low resistance to disease or bug infestation-stem from chemical-dependent growing practices that can allow anaerobic soil activity to get out of balance or excessive phosphates to get in the ground, locking up nutrients and causing potential chemical "burns."

For farmers, growers, even cattle and dairy producers who want to sell organic and cut chemical-related problems, a new type of organic fertilizer-soil amendment can help maximize profit and production. By increasing anaerobic to aerobic activity up to 30-to-1 and enhancing photosynthetic sugars, for instance, Wonder Grow, a USDA National Organics Program-approved organic fertilizer and soil amendment, can help agricultural producers sell organic while boosting yield, disease and pest-resistant production, regardless of growing system used, at a price no higher than traditional chemical treatments.

Developed by Wonder Grow Plant Food (, a Garden Grove, California-based organic farming pioneer, the organic fertilizer-soil amendment combines seaweed and yucca, two leading organic farming compounds used separately for decades but never before combined. With potassium, B-vitamins, trace minerals, rooting hormones and microbial activity, Wonder Grow is a multipurpose plant food that can be used as a starter fertilizer, penetrant, root builder, anti-stress compound and for mineral nutrition. Whether sprayed on leaves, watered into soil or both, it's designed to boost the natural immune system of seeds, seedlings, adult plants, fruits, vegetables and orchard trees.

Unlike traditional chemical applications that treat the symptoms of too much anaerobic activity in the soil, Wonder Grow addresses the cause by increasing anaerobic to aerobic activity, as fast as 10-to-1 in minutes or 30-to-1 in weeks, to balance the soil. This strengthens the plant's immune system, so it can take in the nutrition it needs through its roots or the tops of its leaves. Naturally occurring photosynthetic sugars are increased along with chlorophyll, which aids photosynthesis, yield, taste and fragrance in a recurring "virtuous cycle." Because of its aerobic action, it's also able to break up bad clay soils up to 60 percent, which further aids plant health.

While traditional chemical applications contain phosphates that accumulate in ground soil and become insoluble, thus locking up needed nutrients needed by the plant and weakening it, Wonder Grow contains no phosphates, which makes overfeeding impossible and eliminates the possibility of chemical "burns." Instead of stunted plants and "burned" root systems caused by too much phosphate in the soil and too little nutrition, Wonder Grow gives the plant the nutrition it needs, with the remaining nutrients enriching the soil as a soil amendment. With ready access to needed nutrition, plants stay healthy and resistant to opportunistic disease agents like mold and mildew, as well as to opportunistic bugs like aphids, inchworms, white flies, and spider mites.

Because farmers and growers can feed both alkaline and acidic plants or trees side-by-side with the organic fertilizer-soil amendment while watering, this streamlines care. It's increasingly used in a wide variety of agricultural applications from improving start-loss ratio, special care, and adult plant rehabilitation to preventing transplant shock and expediting successful cuttings or grafts.